CDD-ABPI – Digital Law will have a pioneering dispute resolution chamber

Publicado em 01/08/2023

ABPI’s Center for Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration in Intellectual Property (CSD-ABPI) is implementing the Digital Law Dispute Resolution Chamber as a result of the expansion of ABPI’s social objectives, which now include Personality Rights, Digital Law and Electronic Commerce and Data Privacy Law. The director of the new Chamber is Rodrigo Azevedo and the deputy director is Maria Cristina Machado Cortez.

A pioneer in Brazil, the new Chamber aims to resolve conflicts online, involving four procedures: Digital Mediation; Expert Determination; Digital Expedited Arbitration; and the Online Dispute Resolution System (ODR). The new Chamber’s procedures will deal with both technical and legal issues and are being designed to be simple, agile and economically efficient. Flexible to the will of the parties, without rigid stages, they can be adjusted to the needs of future agreements or technological developments.

The Digital Law Chamber will have a major interface with Intellectual Property rights, in order to apply its online procedures to IP disputes.

Instagram post – 01/08/2023

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