What is CArb-ABPI?


CArb-ABPI is an abbreviation for the “Arbitration Chamber of the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI)”. The ABPI is a non-profit entity, founded on August 16, 1963 and focused on the study of Intellectual Property, notably industrial property law, copyright law, competition law, transfer of technology and other similar branches.

As a highly recognized and specialized entity, it has a select bench of arbitrators trained and equally specialized in the areas listed above, who have broad technical and practical ability to decide disputes of the parties interested in settling conflicts in Intellectual Property.

CArb-ABPI also stands out for offering costs that are accessible to parties interested in settling their disputes by arbitration, acting with diligence and zeal in managing the procedures under its responsibility.


Arbitration is a way of solving litigation that arises between parties (individuals or legal entities) who submit to arbitration, understood to be an arbitration clause or commitment, without intervention of the Judiciary.

In short, in Brazil, it refers to a procedure governed by Law 9,306/96, amended by Law 13,129/2015, which provides the possibility that parties to dispute take the deadlock to be resolved by a particular individual (arbitrator(s)). The arbitrator(s) is (are) a person(s) chosen by parties to settle the conflict, who is (are) usually a specialist(s) in the subject under discussion, whereby assuring the parties to litigation a specialized and thorough award in matters involving intellectual property assets and connected transactions, in any financial dispute wherein the parties decide to settle by arbitration.

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